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Site Survey

When you are ready, we can send a Systems Designer to your home to evaluate your site.  

The Systems Designer will record or measure the following information:

  • Age of roof & roof design
  • Available roof space for solar panels, roof vent locations, and other potential obstructions
  • Electric service panel suitability including space for a new dedicated breaker.
  • Orientation and pitch of roof.
  • Analysis of tree shading and other factors that will affect sunshine hitting the solar panels.
  • Proposed location of inverter (indoors, outdoors, etc).
  • Any other factors impacting system price, performance, etc.

After the Systems Designer has gathered this information he or she can discuss  your potential options in detail with the client. 

He or she will be able to provide you with the following information:

  • Suggested number, type and manufacturer of solar panels or collectors.
  • Estimated energy production of the system
  • Financial information including rebate details, annual electric savings, and return on investment
  • Sales Proposal


Power Analysis

It is essential to ascertain the power usage based on data collected by an event logger to be sure that the proposed system does indeed produce sufficient power when needed. For this reason we always would conduct a proper power analysis over a period of approximately 2 - 4 weeks.


Based on the data collected are we able to right-size the PV plant and also provide suggestions in terms of possible corrections that might be required on the buildings electrical infrastructure.


Alternatively do your own power analysis and monitor your consumption for years to come. Read more <here>


PV panel frame construction

As part of our turn-key service we are able to provide appropriate civil consulting services to ascertain the load bearing and design of an appropriate PV frame that will provide the best results over the long term



PV panel mounting

A well experience team is deployed to mount the PV panels according to factory standards.


Electrical Reticulation

Our electrical team ensures that the termination is done in accordance with electrical standards.




Our Solar Engineers will commission your PV system and ensure it performs optimally





We also supply and install the Landis E650 Smart-Mater as recommended by Eskom that is capable to monitor power quality and can also measure the import and export of electricity.




Landis E650 Smart-Meter





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